Luca Goudon

Luca Goudon is a French with Italian origins director, born in Cannes in 1996 and living in Milano.

He’s passionate about almost everything that may exist in life, but two things stands out from all his passions: Filmaking and music. Making his own music for these video, he accords a lot of importance to the choreography and the rhythmic of a film. For him, music and video are in the same artistic dimension, they are inseparable.

At the age of 10, he start to take a camera, film anything and post it on youtube. In 2014 he start to frequent 360FX Table Top Studio, and to make test on his own, then 2 years later after finishing High School he moved to Milan and start working in the studio at full time, doing always more tests and experimenting with new technology, taking care alone of the lighting, camera, and SFX.

After having done some works as a "videomaker" he will do in 2016 "The foolish side of food": a funny Christmas video for 360FX, it’s his first film as a director. In 2018 his first showreel comes out; a concentrate of all his tests and real shooting made during these 2 years.