Luca Robecchi

Professionally I started very joung, at 18 years old as a photographer assistant. For the following 4 years I continued studying and working, till when I decided to dedicate myself totally to stills. I walked through experience like frame by frame, special effects and cartoons till I began working as camera assistent and focus puller. For a lot of years I worked with the best Italians and International Directors of photography, and at 25 years old, I decided to follow definitely the D.o.p career, thank to the opportunity to partecipate to the creation of one of the most important show of the Italian television, “Non Solo Moda”, completely shot with stock From that moment, I began a very lucky period for my job, that opened me the doors of the Italian and International advertising market. I shot for client such as Barilla, Buitoni, Campari, Maggi, Knorr ,Breil and Swatch watches, Nescafè, Corona Beer and Peroni Beer, Danone, Valtur, Rocco Barocco parfumes, …. I also worked in feature films directed by Dario Argento, Mel Brooks,… ! During all those years of hard work, i developed the interest towords shooting food, overall with the innovation of digital technology. ! Nowadays I continue working as Dop for live action adverts but principally I work as table top director, where the main actor are food and liquids