Steve Downer

Steve has a fresh and innovative approach to creating outstanding shots that are both beautiful, and eye-catching. His work in the field of digital high-speed cinematography very much revolutionized the international world of tabletop shooting becoming one of the front runners in the new wave of life style food and liquid SFX. Steve’s problem-solving skills deliver memorable mouthwatering images, seamless visual effects with clever camera techniques and post - showcased beautifully in his commercial spots for VW, Krikita and Direct Line. He is certainly one of the few directors worldwide who is able to perfectly match both the technical, and the creative demands of today’s increasingly sophisticated tabletop and beauty SFX storyboards. Steve has worked with many of the most iconic brands including Lurpak, McDonalds, KFC, Haagen Dazs, and Nespresso as well as beauty brands like Lux, Dove.

More recently Steve has spent months documenting the interaction of lifelike animatronic animals like Orangutans, Chimps and Tortoises with their real counterparts for a lauded TV series Spy in the Wild for the BBC.


Steve Downer Portfolio for 360FX