Amor Benamor

The Benamor Group, founded in 1984 and specialized in the agri-food sector, has developed in the following areas:

- The food canning industry

- The semolina

- Pasta and couscous

- Agricultural development

With a view to diversification, the Group has recently invested in real estate development. Located in the industrial zone of El Fedjoudj, wilaya of Guelma, the Brasse group has an annual turnover of around 20 billion Algerian dinars and employs a total of 1028 employees, all categories combined.

In the agri-food sector, the group is committed to providing quality products in each of its activities. And it is currently in a very sustained growth phase. Given the growing and insufficient national demand for tomato concentrate and second processing durum wheat, the domestic market absorbs almost all of the products processed by the group. 

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Amor Benamor Portfolio by 360FX

May 2017