Ronald Koetzier

Ronald Koetzier is a Director and DOP with an extremely refined visual style and technique. Shooting amazing and spectacular food projects all over the world. Mastering many complicated SFX tricks and techniques.

His ads accomplished multiple awards. Ronald has been shooting in 30 different countries. Food and Table Top are his specialties but live action and storytelling are also part of his vast experience. He prefers highspeed and he is a specialist with phantom and weisscam. He produces a very exclusive style based on strong poetic scenes.

He is very experienced in working with all high-speed motion control systems all over the world, in combination with the best SFX people. He loves working with The Bolt, Spike and all other Motion-control rigs worldwide. But even without these machines he can make beautiful films with all his quality’s in lighting,framing and sfx knowledge.

Ronald Koetzier Portfolio for 360FX