Iviano Ravasio

Iviano has begun his job since 1990 at Altopalato, a high level food-and-wine centre in Milan where he has practised as assistant of the most popular chefs in Europe during their practical lessons in cooking courses. This has allowed him to acquire a great experience and to become in 1996 the in-house chef of Altopalato. Since 2004 he has started to work as a free professional, so that he can commit himself to the activity of food stylist, and to other creative jobs such as personal chef (a chef who prepares high-level dinner parties and alike events at private homes, or at firm show-rooms). He has also carried out collaborations with firms in the food sectors (Illy Caffe, Ferrero, Leerdammer, Rana, McDonald), and has worked as a teacher in cooking courses in Italy and abroad.

Iviano Ravasio Portfolio for 360FX

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