Laura Baiardini

Laura is a photographer and retoucher born in 1988. Since she was a child, she has been interested in everything related to the world of images, dreaming of one day becoming a photographer. After graduating, she did several internships in advertising agencies where she learned the art of photo retouching and post production. After 3 years she decided to travel to South East Asia for 3 months and on her return she realised she needed to set up her own business to gain experience as a photographer. Her first collaborations were with Sephora, for which she followed the shooting for the social channels for two years, a job that brought me into contact with various communication agencies with which I began ongoing parallel collaborations. She has worked for various types of clients ranging from beauty to fashion brands, jewellery... such as: Nike, Yoox, Ladybirds, Nivea, Dodo, Timberland, Kiko, Casadei, Diadora, Kartell, etc. In her spare time she collects plants and thinks about how to match colours for her next shoots. You can see her portfolio at the following link: IG: Baiardiny. Site: is all then divided into the various categories

 Laura Baiardini Portfolio for 360FX