Paolo Tangari

Paolo was born in Turin, where he graduated in History and Criticism of Cinema. After several years of experience on movies and advertising sets, he came to commercial photography almost by chance and decided to make it his full-time job. Passionate about cinema, music, comics and illustration, he tries to interpret commercial photography with the approach of the image-maker, ranging between various genres and types of assignments. In 2011, he founded the IMAGEGARDEN studio, a collective of photographers and creatives based in Turin, which produces all-in-house services, from shooting to post-production. The goal he tries to give himself in every working day is to explore ideas, because, as a beautiful song says, "Thought, like the ocean, you can't block it, you can't fence it". His clients include Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Adidas, Bialetti, Italia Independent, Martini, Stetson, Maserati, Sotheby's, Lavazza, Burgo, Juventus, Kimberly-Clark, Eataly. You can see his portfolio at the following link:

 Paolo Tangari Portfolio for 360FX