Where we work

The added value that 360Fx brings to its clients is its internal specialized SFX crew and fully equipped studio. Our SFX team has been working with us since very long time, developing a through and in-depth expertise in table-top effects. Andrea Bonomi, our SFX master, has wide experience with materials; physical and chemical reaction that permits him to came up with innovative and effective solutions for our directors and clients, realizing incredible effects. Beside our terrific crew, also our technological equipment helps us in delivering a great quality of work. We have our internal Phantom cameras, our own revolution lenses that permit us to create beautiful and intriguing frames, and the latest generation of high-speed motion control, to give our directors all the elements they need to create extraordinary TVCs. Among the years many important international directors have chosen our production company because of our skilled SFX team and top-notch technological equipment.