360FX is a high-class table top studio located in Milan, Italy.

Our highly creative and professional studio offers value and quality of unique products, a friendly crew in a beautiful atmosphere, a fully equipped kitchen and a team of people with a unique approach to special effects and especially to the table top world.

The constant search for a new, innovative and revolutionary way of showing products has allowed the creation of our specific machine that allows you to stay in focus even when in motion; an in/out track, an in/out tilt and even a panning that remains a challenge when using high speed. This results is spectacular when shooting a table top commercial, a static shot is replaced by a regular camera movement, keeping the product in focus and giving it a stronger effect.

Our company is also made up of a team of people who understand the know-how of the table top spot. The executive producer of 360FX, Antonella Scoliero, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of production and advertising. Her experience in the largest advertising agencies and in the production companies makes her ads of high value and quality. Ensures efficiency, quality and a good working environment.

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